Orchestra Vacancies

Currently we have specific vacancies for players of:

  • Percussion

Otherwise we are fairly full at the moment, but we would be pleased to hear from any amateur musician who plays an orchestral instrument and might be interested in future vacancies as they occur. Current members have a breadth of abilities and backgrounds – some retired, whilst others are in full time jobs or education. We can only accept adult players, but our members range from late teens to octogenarian, which makes for variety and interest.

Importantly, we do not compete, individually or as a group, therefore, no pressure is placed on any newcomer. Time and patience is available for any player prepared to put an effort into developing his or her instrumental competence and group playing skills.

If you are a player who is committed to music and interested in filling any of these positions on a permanent basis then please contact our Membership Secretary, Mary Thrower.

Could you be a Guest Player?

Even if we fill all our vacancies there will still be unavoidable absences when we face the problem of finding someone for that all important concert…

We are looking for outside players who are prepared to register their willingness to fill that ‘one off’ concert gap, if and when it occurs. Their help would be without jeopardising loyalty and commitment to any ‘first choice’ musical group.

Who knows – this opportunity may provide a touch of light relief from the usual weekly routine. If you think this might be for you we would be pleased to hear from you.

Joining the Orchestra

All adult musicians are welcome and there are no proficiency requirements – we do not audition. Potential members should first contact us, (preferably our membership secretary), and provided we have space available, join us for a couple of rehearsals, and then decide for themselves whether to apply for membership or not. Usually the only reason for deferring acceptance of applications has been a practical limit on the number of players of each instrument. Please take a look at the “vacancies” page for more details.